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10 Linux features Windows should have by default

Oct 02, 2015   ByJack Wallen

The Linux and Windows camps may be polarized, but Jack Wallen believes each OS could be improved by borrowing from the other. This week, he looks at how certain Linux features could benefit Windows.

The battle between Linux and Windows will most likely rage on for years to come. I can foresee that even when all things migrate to the cloud, users in both camps will still be screaming the virtues of their favorite operating system. And, of course, I will be one of those campers (and I can bet you know just which camp I'll be in). But being in that camp does not preclude me from seeing the benefits and strengths of the Windows operating system.

In my next two 10 Things articles, I am going to take pieces of each operating system and place them in the other. In this first article, I am going to share 10 features from the Linux operating system that should be in the Windows operating system. In the next article, I will go the other way.

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How To Troubleshoot Common Site Issues on a Linux Server

Oct 15, 2015   By Justin Ellingwood


Everyone has problems with their web server or site at one time or another. Learning where to look when you come across a problem and which components are the likely culprits will help you fix these problems quickly with less frustration.

In this guide, we'll be discuss how to troubleshoot these issues so that you can get your site up and running like normal.

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NTFS Partition Repair and Recovery In Linux

Oct 15, 2015   ByTerrence T. Cox

Once again we find ourselves in the unenviable position of bailing out one of our Windows friends/family/acquaintances/business associates or other assorted persons. Although we don’t have their particular day to day challenges, we do often find that we are the “go to” person when they have issues. Heaven forbid, we may have even had our own issues with our Windows partition/drive (after all, we have to game sometime and despite the efforts of Steam, Linux just isn’t a gamer’s dream yet). Let’s take a look at a couple of scenarios that may come up that we can fix with our handy Linux distribution and some of the NTFS partition recovery tools at our disposal.

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Linux Future

Five Linux desktop distributions with a great future

Linux is everywhere. It's on your servers and in your phones, cars, watches, toasters, refrigerators... and desktops. Although fewer users see Linux on their desktops than in their thermostats, even that is on the rise, partly due to the number of high-quality distributions. This new wave of Linux desktop distributions is bringing a confluence of user-friendliness, modern design, and stability to the open source platform.

The only problem you might have is figuring out which of the more recent distributions are the true darlings of the moment. Never fear, intrepid readers: I have you covered with the five Linux desktop distributions I feel are the hottest commodities coming out of the open source world.

1: Elementary OS Freya

Elementary OS Freya (Figure A) is the first Linux distribution in a long time to seduce me away from my long-time favorite, Ubuntu. There's a good reason for this. Elementary offers a perfect combination of modernity and old-school Linux. More than anything, users will appreciate how much thought was put into keeping a uniform look and feel across the board.

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