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14 Helpful jQuery Tricks, Notes, and Best Practices

Sep 11, 2015   ByJeffrey Way

If there is one bad thing about jQuery, it's that the entry level is so amazingly low, that it tends to attract those who haven't an ounce of JavaScript knowledge. Now, on one hand, this is fantastic. However, on the flip side, it also results in a smattering of, quite frankly, disgustingly bad code (some of which I wrote myself!).

But that's okay; frighteningly poor code that would even make your grandmother gasp is a rite of passage. The key is to climb over the hill, and that's what we'll discuss in today's tutorial.


It's important to remember that most methods will return the jQuery object. This is extremely helpful, and allows for the chaining functionality that we use so often.

Knowing that the jQuery object is always returned, we can use this to remove superfluous code at times. For example, consider the following code:

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45 Useful JavaScript Tips, Tricks and Best Practices

Sep 30, 2015   Bysaad.mousliki

As you know, JavaScript is the number one programming language in the world, the language of the web, of mobile hybrid apps (like PhoneGap or Appcelerator), of the server side (like NodeJS orWakanda) and has many other implementations. It’s also the starting point for many new developers to the world of programming, as it can be used to display a simple alert in the web browser but also to control a robot (using nodebot, or nodruino). The developers who master JavaScript and write organized and performant code have become the most sought after in the job market.

In this article, I’ll share a set of JavaScript tips, tricks and best practices that should be known by all JavaScript developers regardless of their browser/engine or the SSJS (Server Side JavaScript) interpreter.

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Essential Tips and Tricks for Coding and Debugging AJAX

Sep 19, 2015   ByKevin Liew

AJAX is a wonderful piece of technique that has changed the way website response to user input. I like AJAX a lot, I discovered the goodness of AJAX 2 years ago, but the development was quite hard without jQuery framework. As a result, I didn't really keen to use it back then. Now, I'm with jQuery, and jQuery has made it's so much easier to integrate AJAX into a website.

I assume you all have experiences with AJAX. As a AJAX lover, I found it can be quite hard to debug, especially debugging other developers code. It's because of too many technologies are involved in this technique - CSS, Javascript and PHP. So, I created this article and to share what I have learnt to all of you.

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40 Awesome jQuery Plugins

The jQuery developer community has to be one of the most generous and hardworking group of people on the web. They’re constantly churning out amazingly useful and completely free tools that they share with anyone and everyone who wants to use them.

The quantity and quality of free jQuery plugins simply never ceases to amaze me. I’ve been keeping a list of some great ones that I’ve found lately and I thought I’d share it with you. Here are 40 awesome and free jQuery plugins that just about every web developer should check out.


jQuery Waypoints

Waypoints allows you to easily trigger JavaScript events at specific scroll points. Ever wonder how people build those amazing scrolling effects? This could be your answer.


Parallax scrolling for the masses. Skrollr helps you with all kinds of different scrolling effects including transforms, color shifts and more.

Charts, Animations & Tables


A minimalistic approach to an Excel-like table editor in HTML & jQuery. The result is quite impressive, you should definitely give it a shot if you’re looking to build an interactive spreadsheet.

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